Get your sunglasses ready- it’s singing assembly time!

Sunglasses are optional for this weeks singing with Mr Chapman:) Here’s a little message from him that goes with this weeks song:

Worked on this with KS1 Choir. Finally managed to persuade Grace’s sister, Emily, to play drums with us (appropriate, since it was Ringo Starr’s 80th Birthday on the day we recorded it, and he played the drums on this song by The Beatles), but she didn’t want to be seen in the video! The delay at the start & end of this week’s video, is because Emily always starts/stops the recording of the assembly songs, but she had to get to/from the drum kit this time! Thought this would be a good song to finish with for the Summer; thanks for watching and hopefully see you soon.

Thank you to Mr Chapman, Grace and Emily for keeping us singing each week. All of the songs are available on the Cragside YouTube channel for you to enjoy over the holidays too.

This is a loely joyful song from Beccy too for us to Carnival to. Have a Great Day!!!

Miss Wharton, Mrs Brock and Mrs Lennox

It’s time to celebrate- Carnival Week!!!

This week it’s Miss Frobisher’s turn to do the Community Challenge! Linked to our Carnival Week, and to celebrate ‘Cragside: Together and Apart’, we are going to revive The Chiming Tree in Paddy Freeman’s by the pond. The Friends of Paddy Freeman’s has agreed that we can decorate the tree.

Check out the document below as to how you get involved. If we work together, the tree can become magical again. 

This week I hope we’ll be able to play out more, paint stones for the chiming tree and perhaps try a bit of rap and beat box too!

Last week you sent me some fab emails- thank you! Here’s some of your wonderful work:

If you are out and about this week our ‘Lockdown Take One Picture’ Artwork is now up at the People’s Theatre too. There are some very thoughtful drawings about what lockdown has meant to us:

Monday is also assembly day. This one is about facing your fears with Miss Howells:

We can’t believe it’s our last week- what a crazy time and a crazy year! Please keep your emails and photos coming- we really love seeing them!

Miss Wharton and Mrs Lennox

Friday is Here!

What a super week with plenty of chance to get outdoors! Did you try the tree identification? We’ll have one more community challenge ready on Monday for everyone, so watch this space!

Getting ready for a spot of crazy golf- here comes the summer!

In our last week we are ready for a carnival time! Have a look at the ideas on this week’s theme and try out some upbeat, celebratory activities.

Less formal, with more chance to reflect and pick out some happy times from this year, our Carnival week literacy is all about songs, poems and being a rap artist!

We have two reading comprehensions this week, one on Monday and one on Wednesday. There are three levels with both downloads, level one star is enough for this week!

Imperial units? What a shock to the system! Enjoy!

And here are the answers…

Happy weekend folks!

Mrs Brock, Miss Wharton and Mrs Lennox

Paradise Islands and storytime

Hi 5LW!

It’s Mrs Lennox here… I’m looking out of the office window at the rain-swept playground, and desert islands seem a million miles away!!

Whenever I think about islands, I imagine beautiful white sand and palm trees. Last year I stayed on a beautiful island near Mexico called Isla Mujeres. It was so thin you could easily walk from one side to the other.

Isla Mujeres

I always loved hearing the story of Robinson Crusoe. He was marooned on a desert island for 24 years! I’m not sure that would be much fun – although he did end up with lots of new survival skills.

I also loved reading Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. I do love books with maps as you know – all recommendations welcome!

We hope your balanced arguments are starting to take shape and you’re enjoying Islands of Adventure! Please let us know how your week is going – we’d love to hear from you!

This week’s story is read by Mrs Westwood:

Have you tried her tree challenge at Paddy Freeman’s yet? There’s still time.. check out Monday’s post for all of the info you need!

Mrs Lennox and Miss Wharton

Islands Literacy Resources

Good Afternoon Year 5!

Thank you to those of you who emailed in because you couldn’t get onto some of the literacy Powerpoints by clicking the links. We should have downloaded and added them instead- oops! A mistake we’ve learnt from!

Here they are for you:

Please do email if you have any more questions or problems. We can’t wait to read your balanced arguments.

Miss Wharton, Mrs Brock and Mrs Lennox

Tuesday Singing!

Morning 5LW!

I hope you enjoyed researching all about the Galapagos islands! If you want to know which is Hawaii and which is Scotland from yesterday send us a comment or email and we’ll reveal which is which!

It’s Tuesday so enjoy a sing along with Mr Chapman and Grace:

and Beccy Owen:

We love this song- I hope it left you feeling sunny and positive!

Miss Wharton and Mrs Lennox

Islands of Adventure Week!

Good Morning Year 5 and welcome to Islands of Adventure week!

We hope you enjoyed our videos on Friday as much as we enjoyed making them! I wonder if they inspired you to start thinking about any islands that you have been to or would like to visit in the future?

I have always wanted to go surfing in Hawaii or visit the beautiful beaches of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland.. I wonder if you can tell which beach is which in the photos below?

They’re both pretty beautiful right?! We are looking forward to seeing your wonderful work this week inspired by islands and adventure!

We also have a new community challenge for you this week so you can get outdoors and exploring in the local area! It’s so wonderful to see that you’ve been able to meet up with each other to do these at a social distance. This week Mrs Westwood has set you a challenge all about the trees in and around Paddy Freeman’s, here she is to tell you a little about it:

Everything you need is posted below! You even get your very own certificate if you complete it:

And finally, here is Monday’s assembly with our very own Mrs Lennox:

We can’t wait to see all of your amazing work and photos so do keep commenting and sending us over your photos- we really do love seeing what you’ve been getting up to!

Here are a few from sports week last week- it’s also great to see you all returning to your clubs and activities (at a social distance of course). Thank you to those people who also send video of your commentaries for us to listen too- it is a tricky skill to watch and comment as everything happens so fast!

Miss Wharton, Mrs Brock and Mrs Lennox

From sports to islands of adventure!

Now this could get messy! Afterwards you’ll be full of energy and perhaps ready to run around the park!

Oh you have to watch these! Excuse the giggling!

At the beginning of the week there is plenty to watch, look at and magpie ideas from. On some days there are additional worksheets to practice some of the useful vocabulary to support this week’s tasks which you’ll see listed below.

On Tuesday you will need

On Thursday you could use this sheet to guide your paragraphing. Please don’t use (as the sheet does) the informal ‘I think/believe’ stick to formal phrases like ‘Many people believe/ think’. There is also a word bank sheet to help you sound really formal too.

On Friday you will need this sheet…

Here are your VIPERS for the week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday respectively)…

This reading comprehension has 3 levels, the two star level is the one we will complete in school this week.

You’ll need a ruler for the work this week…

And the answers…

Have a marvellous weekend everyone!

Mrs Brock, Miss Wharton and Mrs Lennox

Thursday Kitchen Music

Oh Mr Digby! You’ve nailed today’s challenge! Let’s see how year 5 get on with this one!

Don’t forget there are other sporting videos to watch too. What a super star Mr Digby is!

As it’s Thursday here’s our superb music specialist Rob Kitchen. We hope you’ve enjoyed his lessons- they really are spot on!

And here’s Rob again with a cracking piece of classical music (yes, that’s right, classical!). Listen in- you will know this piece. Rob takes each section and gives you a rhythm to clap and use your cups with – just brilliant!

Our art therapist has another idea for you to try this week. You’ll find the details on the document below.

Keep those sporting emails and comments coming!

Miss Wharton and Mrs Lennox